Customize Your Block

Global Design, Create a consistent website by defining site-wide settings for text, buttons. Save the colors so they are easy to reuse throughout the site.

Site styles manager

Make any style adjustments on your website, from the color palette to themes styles, fonts, and more!


Online Store

An online store is a perfect way to showcase the products you sell to your site visitors. It includes the most basic settings, like adding product images, descriptions, and prices. It’s also relatively simple to use — all you need to do is add your product in the site settings and choose where to display it on the live site.


In-Built CRM System for Effective Deals Management

Besides, you’ll easily organize all your potential customers’ requests from the contact forms on your site. 
From now on, they are stored in one place — In the CRM. So you won’t lose any contacts nor forget about your orders anymore!


Detailed site stats with analytics tools

Get in-depth reports on your website performance with the world's best tools:

    Google Analytics
    Facebook Pixel
    Google Tag Manager

Team Collaboration Tools

You can add contributors to your project to collaborate on it with your teammates. This option will be useful for sharing access with your partners, designers, or copywriters to facilitate and streamline the whole work process.


Contributors can:

    Edit and publish a site
    Add marketing integrations (google analytics, facebook pixel, etc.)
    Create and manage blog posts
    Access the form replies
    Set up the form integrations (email, zapier, etc.)
    Add custom code

Contributors can't:

    Access domain settings
    Delete or duplicate a site
    Invite other contributors
    View and change subscription

Create a stunning website

Start with pre-made templates, then customize to fit your style and professional needs.

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Access leads from the forms anytime

Get access to the replies from the contact forms on your website — lead's emails, phone numbers, messages etc.